…just for the NASA and World intrigue !

Obama “The Great”
USA of? Ame-Rica(o)


Dear Benign people of USA,

No doubt the World would have been a different
place after WW-II.

And History generally has been written “truly” !

If USA is “really” not on the Moon, how longer
will you be able to cover this up ? But generally
no-fear, as the intrigue of it not being true
would be more interesting !

A lot of people swear no rovers have functioned
on Mars. Though I do not doubt as much as they
having reached surface !

Anyway good luck on this new [~1 ton] Mission
to Mars, with the giant Rover !

Can the full specs as to how it functions generally,
be given ? I do not understand the reason for
“open” wheels, and if something gets lodged into
them ! ! !

Anyway, the logic of everything generally prevails.


FINALLY : Transparent wheel hubs might be to
be able to see what is going on in there ! As to
getting something lodged in there, could be that
how hard a landing do these wheels take ??? Like
all rockets firing, or other, like no firing at all !
Or will it get stuck or overturned on rough
terrain ???