…artificial intelligence, biological intelligence, evolution and pure logic…!

Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence: Theories, Methods, and Technologies (Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents series) [Hardcover]
Dario Floreano (Author), Claudio Mattiussi (Author)


Book Description
Publication Date: August 22, 2008 | ISBN-10: 0262062712 | ISBN-13: 978-0262062718

New approaches to artificial intelligence spring from the idea that intelligence emerges as much from cells, bodies, and societies as it does from evolution, development, and learning. Traditionally, artificial intelligence has been concerned with reproducing the abilities of human brains; newer approaches take inspiration from a wider range of biological structures that that are capable of autonomous self-organization. Examples of these new approaches include evolutionary computation and evolutionary electronics, artificial neural networks, immune systems, biorobotics, and swarm intelligence–to mention only a few. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the emerging field of biologically inspired artificial intelligence that can be used as an upper-level text or as a reference for researchers. Each chapter presents computational approaches inspired by a different biological system; each begins with background information about the biological system and then proceeds to develop computational models that make use of biological concepts. The chapters cover evolutionary computation and electronics; cellular systems; neural systems, including neuromorphic engineering; developmental systems; immune systems; behavioral systems–including several approaches to robotics, including behavior-based, bio-mimetic, epigenetic, and evolutionary robots; and collective systems, including swarm robotics as well as cooperative and competitive co-evolving systems. Chapters end with a concluding overview and suggested reading.

…if you need a different approach to informatics, please refer to informatics logic of my Book: Book of Pure Logic…!

…please note that for Evolution, information and it’s correct management [contrary to: insanity, or illogic thinking], is self developed via no-reason and hence no real sense, self formation and interaction of atoms, molecules, since and from the origin of “life”…!

…for pure logic, information can only proceed from equal capability information source, thus opening the paradox and pandora box of the endless regressive loop of origins explanations, that I explain against in my Book 1, and will finally most likely conclude explaining in my Book 2…!

…because the countering logic used by me in pure logic, to appealing to the non-regressive endless loop of origins that is Evolution theory of modern Science, is advanced logic beyond most logic used so far, it is not mastered very well in most minds…! A “nasty” God of the Bible is way far bellow any pure logic…!


…another venezuelanism from a "half breed" ‘venezuelan’…!

…another venezuelanism !


miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

El chavismo alega que “no se puede regalar lo ajeno”

En relación con una piedra indígena donada por Venezuela durante el gobierno de Rafaél Caldera a Alemania, donde se encuentra en un Museo, el régimen chavista dice que “como no se puede regalar lo ajeno” esa piedra debe ser devuelta.

Aplicando esta sensata afirmación hecha por el chavismo, los venezolanos debemos exigir de inmediato:

1.      La devolución de los $22.000 millones que los hampones chavistas le han regalado a Castro

2.      La devolución de los miles de milones de dólares que los hampones chavistas le han dado a Daniél Ortega

3.      La devolución de los helicópteros, dineros y otros regalos que los hampones chavistas le han hecho a Evo Morales

4.      Los dineros entregados en maletines  a los Kirchner, a los piqueteros y la abuela corrupta,  Heda Bonafini, en Argentina.

5.      El diesel dado a Al-Asaad

6.      Las espadas de Bolivar dadas a los criminales Gadaffi, Mugabe y cuanto bicho de uña ha visitado al hamponato chavista.

Y es que estos hampones del chavismo ven la paja en el ojo ajeno pero no las vigas en el suyo.

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…all the give aways or cheap sales of Chavez to Foreign countries, especially the so far 22,000Million dollars to Cuba…! this must be a series of thefts plus all that are not known…!

…and who is going to change things from some good, and all the real bad, to better…? some say that anything is better after 13 years of chavez…!

…can anybody explain, who is going to return the swords of Bolivar chavez has given to any bad scum: like Gadafi, Mugabe, etc…?


…pure logic theories for Book 2…! finite and infinite…!


‎…in pure logic, mathematical equations sometimes limit logic that is not quantifiable, or able to be expressed exactly as Mathematics…! …for my Book 2, if I do not forget, it is more logical to define matter and space not infinite, but that the Universe is finite…! Infinite, is only a Mathematical modelling of something numerical on paper, or our ideas…! [ en Castellano/Spanish/Español: …en la lógica pura, a veces las ecuaciones matemáticas limitan algo lógico que pueda no ser quantificable, o que pueda ser capaz de expresarse exactamente como an Matemáticas…! para my libro no.2, si no me olvido, se define a la materia y espacio cono no infinito, sino que el Universo es finito…! Infinito, es sólo un modelaje de algo numérico en papel, o en nuestras ideas…!]

…equations for logic expressions are mainly for Academic Philosophy, Logic and other specific Sciences…!

…you are being accesed to your notebook…? 787 microchips computers with security threat for "backdoor"…!

Cyber-attack concerns raised over Boeing 787 chip’s ‘back door’
Researchers claim chip used in military systems and civilian aircraft has built-in function that could let in hackers
http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/may/29/cyber-attack-concerns-boeing-chip    Charles Arthur
    guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 29 May 2012 18.47 BST

lest we forget or this be
made forgotten…! lets
get it all…!

Two Cambridge experts have discovered a “back door” in a computer chip used in military systems and aircraft such as the Boeing 787 that could allow the chip to be taken over via the internet.

The discovery will heighten concerns about the risks of cyber-attacks on sensitive installations, coming on the heels of the discovery this week of the ‘Flamer’ virus which has been attacking computer systems in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

In a paper that has been published in draft form online and seen by the Guardian, researchers Sergei Skorobogatov of Cambridge University and Chris Woods of Quo Vadis Labs say that they have discovered a method that a hacker can use to connect to the internals of a chip made by Actel, a US manufacturer.

“An attacker can disable all the security on the chip, reprogram cryptographic and access keys … or permanently damage the device,” they noted.

Woods told the Guardian that they have offered all the necessary information about how the hack can be done to government agencies – but that their response is classified.

“The real issue is the level of security that can be compromised through any back door, and how easy they are to find and exploit,” Woods said.

The back door may have been inserted by Actel itself, whose ProASIC3 chip is used in medical, automotive, communications and consumer products, as well as military use.

Woods said that “a back door is an additional undocumented featured deliberately inserted into a device for extra functionality” – in effect, a secret way to get into the chip and control it.

Crucially, in this case it exists as part of the design of the silicon chip – meaning that it cannot be removed because it is inherent in how the chip reacts to certain inputs. He suggested that it may have been put there by design by Actel, because there are some traces of the existence of such a back door in the system files of Actel development software.

But, he said, that creates serious risks: “The great danger comes from the fact that such a back door undermines the high level of security in the chip making it exposed to various attacks. Although Actel makes a big claim that their devices are extremely secure because there is no physical path for the configuration data to be read to the outside world, a back door was added with a special key to circumnavigate all the security set by themselves or one of their users.”

Connecting to the chips would be comparatively easy over the internet if the chip is wired to an internet-enabled controller, he said. Normally a special cryptographic key would be needed, but the back door does not need an encrypted channel.

Among applications where the ProASIC3 are used are remote surveillance systems, drones, and for flight-critical applications on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Actel did not respond to requests for comment by the time of publication.

Rik Ferguson, director of security research at the online security company Trend Micro, said: “This kind of flaw that gives somebody access right into the device has inherent flaws. The fact that it’s in the hardware will certainly make it harder – if not impossible – to eradicate. We’re already seeing a steady flow of devices such as digital picture frames coming out of factories with malware already on them – but that’s software which can be fixed. If you have this sort of flaw, then you need to replace the hardware, which means the chips.”

But suggestions that it is part of a cyber-attack by China, where the chip is made, have been discounted.

“It was very likely done at the design stage,” said Woods. “However, the traces left in the Actel development software suggest that this feature was well thought through from the very beginning.” He doubts it is part of a Chinese state-sponsored sabotage attempt.

Skorobogatov and Woods will present a paper on their findings at a conference in Belgium in September.

…only Intel, AMD, and other chip makers, know in such small size, what back doors these chips have, even to external wireless transmission, and eavesdropping capture…!

…venezuela videos "satire" of times of old, before the mostly destruction of venezuela by chavez…!

jorge tuero

perolito y escarlata

el terror del llano

radio rochela “el golpe”

jaimito el caraqueño

el conde del guacharo

venevision ‘ a que te ries ‘

…why does not the God of the Talmud, manifest "himself"…???

Rabbi Levi Brackman    
Why won’t God reveal himself again?
According to tradition, collective transcendence above ego was key for revelation
Published:     05.27.12, 08:05 / Israel Jewish Scene

As a Jew I believe that there was a divine revelation at Sinai thirty five hundred years ago. This revelation, I believe, took place in front of thousands of people. But here’s the problem the believer confronts: if God revels Himself to humankind, why has it only happened once in the course of history?

The answer may be found in the following a cryptic verse in Leviticus (9:6): Moses said, “This is the thing the Lord has commanded; do it, and the glory of the Lord will appear to you.” Unfortunately, however, the “thing” one must do in order for the glory of God to appear to us is not stated clearly.

Building Bridges
The Jewish-Christian divide / Dan Calic
Op-ed: Christians, Jews must overcome mutual misconceptions in order to achieve reconciliation
Full Story

An analysis of the verses seems to indicate that the “thing” refers to the sacrifices. In other words, through sacrificing animals one beholds the glory of the Lord. Notwithstanding the biblical reference to the physical slaughtering of an animal and burning it on the Temple alter; sacrifices also have tremendous symbolic meaning.

Animals act on instinct and therefore do not posses free will. Furthermore animals lack the ability to speak. Humans also have a higher form of intelligence than animals.

Simultaneously, however there are aspects in which humans and animals are very similar. We all have animalistic tendencies—the desire to act on instinct alone without thinking it through or making a balanced choice. The ability to make a rational choice in the areas of ethics and morality is uniquely human. It is in this sense that the Torah maintains that humans were created in the image of the Divine.

Sacrifices symbolize the human ability to transcend that animalistic self, to act in a manner that is uniquely human and reaching a high level of self-mastery. All this results in a revelation of the glory of the Divine (see Samson Raphael Hirsch).

Tradition relates that, thirty-five hundred years ago, the ancient Israelites in the desert spent seven weeks preparing for the revelation at Sinai. This preparation included a thorough self inventory of themselves and their actions so that they were able to transcend their animal instincts and reach self-mastery. Upon collectively completing this intensive seven-week course of self-discipline and overcoming those aspects that inhibit actualizing full human potential, the glory of God reveled itself to the entire community as one.

The Torah says that the Israelites encamped across from the mountain of Sinai (Exodus 19). Tradition has it that during this period the entire community encamped like one man with one heart (Mechilta, see Rashi). This indicates a collective transcendence of ego and base instincts. They were now able to collectively witness the revelation of the Divine glory. This might well be what occurred at Mount Sinai thousands of years ago.

The fact that this type of collective Divine revelation has only occurred once in history has to do with our inability to once again collectively transcend our animalistic selves. But it tells us little about the nature of Divine revelation to humankind.

lest we all forget or this article is
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…duuuh…! why do not the god(s)[entities] manifest themselves, or to the egocentric mono-theologians and their only one(1)(uno) male God, why does he not manifest himself…?!

…sorry it is a main theme for my BOOK 2…!

…"chimps" are "hominid" primates…!

Discovering Tanzania’s chimpanzees
Behavioural observation
Scientist Jane Goodall landed in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park in 1960 and spent years living among and observing the park’s chimpanzees. The research program she founded upon arriving is still in operation, making it the longest running study of wild animals in the world. Here, Goodall observes a group of chimps grooming each other. (Hugo Van Lawick/National Geographic Stock)

… a necessarily social “hominid” primate: chimpanzee…!

… it is believed to high certainty, that chimps are the few animal with “complete color vision” as humans…!
…other animals, birds, horses, feline’s see only in “black and white grey tones” , or to some uni-color levels…!
… animals do show psychological sufferings…!

…i hope Jane has her human mate with her …!