…this is a polluted pearl in formation…! – Project at a glance – Northern Gateway…!

Project at a glance – Northern Gateway


Project at a glance
Project at a Glance
Oil Pipeline

    Westerly flow
    Transport petroleum from near Edmonton to Kitimat
    1,177 km in length
    36 inches in diameter
    Will carry an average of 525,000 barrels of petroleum per day

Condensate Pipeline

    Easterly flow
    Transport condensate from Kitimat to near Edmonton
    1,177 km in length
    20 inches in diameter
    Will carry an average of 193,000 barrels of condensate per day
    Condensate is used to thin petroleum products for pipeline transport

…a polluted Ocean floor and shore line…!

…this is a very cute “pearl” in formation…! “The enbridge pipeline”…!

…folks: Oceans are still the “sewerage” of Cruse Ships, Cargo Ships, Cities, etc…! and they want to doubt the importance of Oceans for life on this Planet…!