…no prophetico fully yet on syria…!

Red Cross declares Syria conflict a civil war

Al Jazeera 2012-07-16: The International Committee of the Red Cross has said it now considers the Syrian conflict a civil war, as activists reported intense battles between rebels and government forces in the capital, Damascus. The Geneva-based group’s assessment could have implications for prosecutions for war crimes and means that international humanitarian law applies throughout the country. Also known as the rules of war, humanitarian law grants all parties in a conflict the right to use appropriate force to achieve their aims. “We are now talking about a non-international armed conflict in the country,” ICRC spokesman… more »


…no prophetico yet, to be fully completed ! though all know or are pretty sure Basaf al Assad “is toast”…!

…what is sad is his wife Asma and her three little children, who were offered safe entry to the UK, before blocking of all Bank accounts…! i am sure canada’s family communist services knows what is better for them…!