…a profetico update on Iran and Israel …! THE MESSIAH STORY IS BEING MADE TRUE more than once !


PROPHETICAL UPDATE ON IRAN and ISRAEL: what was studied about in the above blog posting has a very highly possible alternatives !

…nobody came in to save Lybia, from any of the Arabs, nor did the Chavez-Venezuela, nor China nor Russia…!
…though Russia and China always oppose interventions in other countries un-rests ! they have never gone to war, other than the Russia-Afganistan, etc.

NOBODY IS GOING TO RISK A FULL BLOWN Valley of Meguido Armageddon, not even if Israel tried to do so !  YOU KNOW WHY ? They are too greedy and self centered, and over comfortable with their powerful lives over their eternal slaves populations, to do so !
WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW IS IF A MODERN “Crusades” is going to happen, as to help for ISRAEL !
By the looks of it: Israel has the American-Bible follower All mighty power U.S.A. in line with them ! HOW FANTASTIC TO HAVE MANAGED OVER so many near exterminations of JEWS, to have gotten their MESSIAH for WW-2 and now IRAN, through U.S.A. Believe me it is astounding ! Very few of us get a Messiah for our beliefs, ideals and work !

Now the Catholic Vatican has their eternal for ever since ever Messiahs: ITALY, SWISS and World Governments ! More than fantastic ! You can be and have government presence and even a small country without one weapon ! You become a Religion imposed by “Inquisition”, torture, illegal detentions and government authorized deaths ! THAT IS BETTER THAN BEING A COUNTRY!  But on top of that theY managed to make a country guarded by the SWISS GUARD ! DOES ANYBODY FIND ANY SENSE IN THIS AND THE SWISS ??? Because I do not!


THIS IS THE PURE LOGIC THEORY OF ” “ONLY ONE , PLEASE…! it would only take one…!”
The theory of EVOLUTION in clear “question”! Testicles in first mammal forms of the first forms of life with sperm, developed enough of it to ensure a “egg” fertilization! HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE, before extermination?

ONCE AGAIN THE THEORY of weaponization, the male millions and millions of “sperm” AND ONE OBJECTIVE, or only one sperm to do the damage! HOW MOTHER NATURE stopped at one cygote or two or a few more pairs, to make a feasible amount of offspring ! MORE THAN an Evolutionary Miracle!




…the venezuela amuay explosion vs. a north american nuclear power plant "melt_down"…!

U.S.A. Going Nuclear Power “Nut heads” self risk “melt-‘down’…” destruction…!

Contal de que no vole, digo explote o sobre calientei un reactor nuclear de Estados Unidos ! Compaladre, yo duermou tranquilito en mi casita de madera y cables directos dentro de la madera sin conductos de metal, como todas las casas[cazas] de Norte America ! Caray pa que casas de concreto quedaran pol el suelo, que bombasou ! Es veldad ! Un escape a veces no sei sabe cuanto peligroso es el !


…Venezuela Amuay explosion destroyed concrete cement Latin/Spanish style safer housing than poor wooden housing of North America…!

…Imagine a nuclear plant melt’down’ in North America…!



‘Nuke powers push globe to apocalypse’ – are all humans that loving and sane ?

‘Nuke powers push globe to apocalypse’

It is said that only U.S.A with out any other help can destroy all the World, as to major cities.
That all nations together can destroy with atomic bombs the World completely !
When you can do that, it means you wanted to get to that power !
They will destroy most of the World with Capitalism and Over-Population anyway !
So are World leaders evil, or a special form of educated or not so educated psychopaths ?
THIS ANSWER IS: both of the above ! AND WE SEE THEM ON TV and any media, as “normal” accepted human beings !


A political analyst has lashed out at the West’s campaign to halt Iran’s nuclear energy program, while the colossal nuclear stockpile of the global powers is pushing the world to the brink of a nuclear apocalypse.

“With over 2000 highly operational nuclear weapons already in the world, it seems ridiculously ironic to try to attribute global insecurity to Iranian nuclear energy program which the US, Israel and some western countries claim to include military purposes,” Dr. Ismail Salami said in an article published on the Press TV website.

The author noted that instead of focusing on Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program on merely political grounds, the international community should be concerned about “the states in possession of the myriad nuclear bombs across the world.”

Relying on figures released by the arms control website, Salami argued that despite western countries’ obsession over Iran’s nuclear energy program, they themselves pose the most dire threat to global security as they possess the highest number of nuclear warheads, especially highly operational warheads.

By definition, the analyst noted, highly operational denotes nuclear warheads which “can be shot at any desired time.”

Quoting statistics published by the Arms Control Association, Salami further stated that while the United States possesses about 5,000 total warheads, 1,737 of which are operational, Russia, France, and UK alone possess a total of over 1,900 deployed strategic warheads which are ready to be fired at any moment.

“In addition to the aforementioned report, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) revealed in June that at the start of 2012, eight states – the United States, Russia, the UK, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel – possessed approximately 4,400 operational nuclear weapons. Nearly 2,000 of these are kept in a state of high operational alert. If all nuclear warheads are counted, these states together possess a total of approximately 19,000 nuclear weapons.”

Salami noted that even Israel possesses 80 highly operational nuclear warheads.

“Israel, which follows a policy of nuclear ambiguity, [is] … widely known to possess 300 to 400 nuclear warheads with 80 of them in high operational alert according to SIPRI, that is, they are ready to fire.”…”]]]

… ‘Nuke powers push globe to apocalypse’ – are all humans that loving and sane ?
THEY ARE AL “SANE ENOUGH” is the correct answer …!

…to have such a arsenal that could eliminate normal life on this Planet, is “in-sane enough”…!

…to believe in “peasants-poordom-slavery-hunger-wars” is the worst “insanity” more than mere “evil”…!
AGAIN IRAN CANNOT GET A NUCLEAR  ATOMIC BOMB…! Simple ! They once conquered ancient Worlds and even Israel and Jerusalem in the Crusades ! Arabs once ruled much of Europe ! They will try to do it again, under the freedom of immigration and freedom of religions ! ALL WE NEED IS A ATOMIC WEAPONS ARABS STATE to start the biggest problems the World has had after WW-II !
Iran would not be doing what they are doing unless they had bad intentions, as they will not get anymore progress for their population, if they have sacrificed their population already under the embargo’s over the nuclear atomic weapons issue ! This is obvious ! YOU DO NOT SACRIFICE A POPULATION, for what is not going to help a population that is already being sacrificed ! OBVIOUS !
So folks, Israel attacks Iran hard conventionally, and then does Hiroshima on them ! Who is going to stop them ? A nuclear atomic counterattack and from whom ? Russia or China, or Packistan or India ? I DO NOT KNOW ! DO YOU?
I DO NOT THINK U.S.A has to do anything, if they are “intelligent” enough ! YOU ARE SMART: this time you wait and see ! IT IS YOUR BEST OPTION ! Believe me ! DO NOT MUCK IT UP KNOW after so many “successes” ! IF USA is going headlong in, dragged again by ISRAEL and their “Judaic Religion” it could be devastating ! LET THE JEWS, muck themselves this time !
If U.S.A gets hit in anyway in the aftermath, then “yahoouuuuuu”…! TANGO ! Please U.S.A. do not “muck” it up this time ! WHAT THE HECK ? You might not solve it as easy, doing pre-emptive ! Unless you do a complete full blown WAR and real hard probably more than conventional – to make a full stop! And they will have time to counter-attack, and who knows who else might AID them !

…more religious/governments techniques of perpetration of absurdities !

“more religious/governments techniques of perpetration of absurdities !”

…i wonder what do you use on your feet ?

(Matt 14:25 [Darby])
But in the fourth watch of the night he went off to them, walking on the sea.

(Matt 14:26 [Darby])
And the disciples, seeing him walking on the sea, were troubled, saying, It is an apparition. And they cried out through fear.

(Matt 14:27 [Darby])
But Jesus immediately spoke to them, saying, Take courage; it is *I*: be not afraid.

(Matt 14:28 [Darby])
And Peter answering him said, Lord, if it be *thou*, command me to come to thee upon the waters.

(Matt 14:29 [Darby])
And he said, Come. And Peter, having descended from the ship, walked upon the waters to go to Jesus.

(Matt 14:30 [Darby])
But seeing the wind strong he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, Lord, save me.

(Matt 14:31 [Darby])
And immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught hold of him, and says to him, O thou of little faith, why didst thou doubt?

(Matt 14:32 [Darby])
And when they had gone up into the ship, the wind fell.

(Matt 14:33 [Darby])
But those in the ship came and did homage to him, saying, Truly thou art God’s Son.


(Matt 14:25 [Hin])
और वह रात के चौथे पहर फील पर चलते हुए उन के पास आया।


(Matt 14:25 [HEBm])
(Matt 14:25 [HEBm])
ויהי באשמרת הרביעית ויבא אליהם ישוע מתהלך על פני הים׃


(Matt 14:25 [CNETs])
夜  将 尽 的 时 候, 耶 稣 在 海 面 上 走 往 门 徒 那 里 去。


…MORE FALSE PROOFS OF THE DEITY of the so called Jesus, the(a) Christ !

…if jesus really waked on deep water or not is a technicality, for whom made all things !
what is wrong is the logic: how could peter do it ? 
a miracle and gift from god ? no !
what really happened is that jesus was surfboarding or other and in the darkness of the night it would be easy to trick !

JESUS DO YOUR MIRACLES IN PLAIN “DAYLIGHT”, in this case, and more than once, and to more than one person: Peter, AND NOT IN A STORM, FOR ALL OF US TO REALLY SEE !

…in old times you were put to death for not bowing, or offering to the Goddess “Diana” or other !
…today in Modern 21st North America, they have wrongly defined hate speech against “religion” or other !
…today in Modern 21st North America, at a only Everett, WA, USA Hospital publicly religious with a cross all over it, you are asked of what religion are you ?

…today, in year 2006, venezuela catholic dispensaries refused to attend and provide government help and supplies to some evangelical indians, still professing their modern indoctrination of UN-doubtedly wrong beliefs but good morale and behavior ! [do google search TSJ Venezuela]

…why can’t the government teach aboriginal people’s moral and good living ? why depend on religions and their deforming generally wrong logic and ideas ? only spanish and few others have preserved these aboriginals people’s in their own habitat and world ! english only gave them reservations areas ! and these cultures of aboriginal nations are dying ! dying of white mans sicknesses and wrong life styles !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
…i do not know where has everybody’s heads and minds gone to, as to progress, and your own freedoms of beliefs, and speech and self expression ?
I REFUSE TO SUBMIT TO THEIR repressive mentalities of zero criticism of absurdities !

…i think the cards are already thrown for the stupid Iranian’s !

‘Obama lurching toward nuclear war by threatening Iran’

[[[“…Irresponsible leaders risk the unthinkable. Media scoundrels cheerlead mindlessly. So do neocon think tanks. Ordinary people are more concerned about mundane trivia than survival.

Nero didn’t fiddle while Rome burned. The violin wasn’t invented for another 1,500 years. Today’s officials go where earlier ones wouldn’t dare. They risk regional or global disaster. War on Syria and/or Iran may ignite more than leaders bargain for.

Imagine blowing up the world to control it. Imagine forces able to stop it staying sidelined. Imagine the unimaginable. Imagine it before it’s too late to matter.

World War II weapons were toys compared to today’s. Before war ended, tens of millions died. Estimates range from 50 – 70 million. No one knows for sure. Preventing war would have saved them. Hoped for never again became perpetual conflicts.

Only America [has] used nuclear weapons. It’s not working to avoid potential catastrophe. It wants advantageous geopolitical positioning and dominance. Mutually assured destruction so far worked. Fail-safe days may be ending.

Attacking Syria risks Russian and perhaps Chinese intervention. War on Iran entails that risk and more. Washington’s arsenal includes weapons too dangerous to use…”]]]

…believe it or not, the middle east could go “ugly”, and worse if china and russia retaliate against israel/usa coalition !
…this is unbelievable after the terrible results of WWII with 50million-70million dead…!
…well unbelievable things do happen, and americans politicians are getting “itchy” to take the “credit” for the “war” of pre-eminense and control !
…will Obama have time before elections this year in november ? i doubt it very much ! or lets say: take the “credit” for saving the World and Israel, or really starting a “Armageddon”…! Iran has quite a big retaliation power in a short given time frame…!
…if nobody else gets into the fray, USA/Israel could come clean enough out of it…!
…CAN ANYBODY IN THEIR ‘SANE MINDS’, BELIEVE THAT netanyahu and obama_osama[barack_balack] be the ones to blame for more big jewish deaths, and even a middle east conflagration ???
Because I am nearly sure that “mitty” is more than itching to do it…!

And would the nuke on Israel be big enough or worse than the resulting damage of a Israel preemptive strike on Iran???
So unless “Iran”-be suicidal, I doubt Iran will nuke Israel ever, and I think it is all “hog-wash”…! What can the World loose with a “Atomic bomb Iran” ? nothing if they are not suicidal ! if they be suicidal ! why not wait and blow them out of this World for good ? too much crude oil involved could be the answer ! And sacrifice conventional damages to Israel !
BUT AGAIN: IRAN has to be proven to be suicidal and nuke Israel ! Or will they join up with Pakistan and India, etc? EEEEeeeeeek! Then we are in trouble !

SO WHAT IS THE EQUATION to solve Israel and USA ? Prepare yourselves slowly, and protect Israel, and let those that want to leave, leave ! That is the solution ! Just in case ! Upps, I am not supossed to be commandeering !
Remember, never doubt something different could happen, and that is the Russia/China/etc equation !

If your data is correct and your intel, I THINK YOUR MINDS ARE “COOKING” AT THE MOMENT !
IF IT WERE CANADA MAKING THE DECISIONS, they would prefer to wait and see ! AN ATOMIC WEAPONRY IS ALSO A FORMIDABLE DETERRENT !  i would place atomic weaponry as near as possible to Iran as a deterrent as quick counter attack!
AND AS FAR AS I KNOW: i do not know what can benefit Iran with a nuke strike on Israel !
WHAT IS NOT NOW or I do not Know, AND THAT IS: HOW STRONG CAN YOU LET IRAN GET before you get “wary” and feeling “funny”…???



…Baa, baa, black sheep !



Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.


Toxic Mattreses

We know this website is about vitamins, but we also know that most people reading it are interested in good health.  We just think that good health is impossible when you are spending 1/3 of your life sleeping on a toxic mattress, so we put together this page on mattresses.

Non-Toxic Mattress & Bedding Extremely Important For Health

We are firm believers in non-toxic houses, but we realize that most people cannot change their entire house overnight.  However, your bedroom should really be an “oasis” in the middle of all the chemicals you encounter all day long, a place of respite, where you can get a good night’s sleep and allow your body to rejuvenate itself.  If you are sick with any kind of chronic disease like cancer or asthma, you probably need a chemical-free bedroom more than others.  Perhaps the most important thing in your bedroom is your mattress, bedding, and the bed frame, since you are so close to it all night long (we also highly recommend hard flooring in the bedroom and no particle board furniture).

Standard Mattresses are Toxic

Did you know that there are actually more chemicals in a conventional mattress today than are contained in a barrel of oil?  Yes, that’s right, most mattresses are made entirely of petrochemicals!  Most people today sleep on mattresses made of synthetic materials like polyurethane, polyester and flame retardant chemicals.*  These synthetic materials and the flame retardant chemicals in the mattresses cause us to breathe in toxins all night long, including PBDEs (polyborminated diphenyl ethers), formaldehyde and more.

*  A 1973 law required mattresses to not ignite from a burning cigarette, but a new law requires mattresses to not ignite after being exposed to a 12 inch wide flame on the side for 50 seconds, and a simultaneous 10 inch wide flame on the top for 70 seconds.  So how many more chemicals do you think will be in your mattress so it can withstand a couple blow torches aimed at it for around a minute??

Mattress Flame Retardant Chemicals

PBDE, a flame retardant chemical, has actually been banned in Europe because of toxicity.  It will be banned in California starting in 2008, but for now they are letting the mattress manufacturers sell out their stock to the unsuspecting public.  PBDE has been shown to cause all sorts of health problems, including cognitive and behavior changes during development, thyroid problems, permanent learning and memory impairment, ADHD, higher cancer rates and immune system problems.  It is now found in high levels in mother’s breast milk, undoubtedly due to its presence in our mattresses, and so is being ingested by babies, even though it has been shown to be much more toxic for infants and children.

Some other flame retardant chemicals used in mattress production include formaldehyde, antimony trioxide, boric acid (the roach killer) melamine and decabromodiphenyl oxide (a brominated flame retardant also being found in women’s breast milk).  Formaldehyde can cause headaches, insomnia, fatigue, excessive thirst, respiratory problems and more.  Boric acid was found to be very toxic and even caused some deaths when used in a 3% diluted solution as a topical solution for diaper rash, but now it is used on mattresses, even crib mattresses!  Many of these chemicals are known or suspected carcinogens.  Some cause reproductive, liver, kidney, heart muscle and other damage.  In addition, although flame retardant chemicals will keep the mattress from catching fire, you may not realize that if there is a fire, poisonous gases such as cyanide and carbon monoxide will be created that you will breathe in if you are near your mattress.

Other Chemicals in Mattress Materials

The chemicals used in making polyester that is a common mattress material that is possibly carcinogenic and may also damage the kidneys, the heart and the nervous system.  All sorts of chemicals in conventional mattresses cause negative health effects ranging from headaches to cancer.  Nighttime is when our bodies are supposed to be detoxifying, repairing and rejuvenating themselves.  Do you really want to be sleeping on a mattress that is full of toxic chemicals, including ones banned for health reasons in other countries?

Metals in Your Bed and Bed Frame

Many people have mattresses and box springs with coils in them, as well as metal frames for their beds.  These metal mattress coils are used for buoyancy, but it seems that they not only provide an unnatural type of support, but they also disrupt our natural electromagnetic field, which can cause all sorts of physical and other stresses of a subtle, yet profound nature.  This is of course hard to prove, but there are many people who say they sleep so much better with no metal in their mattress or bed frame and no electrical current running near their mattress, like an alarm clock.

Synthetic Mattresses and Mildew

As if the disturbance of the electro-magnetic fields and the chemicals in mattresses were not enough, synthetic mattress materials also can easily form mildew as excess moisture is absorbed and often does not dry quickly enough to get rid of the moisture before the mildew forms.  If the mildew is mild, like it often is, you may sleep next to this mildew without knowing it, but it is still harmful to your immune system.

Synthetic foam mattresses, like the memory foam, are all the rage today, and they are touted as helping people to get a better night’s sleep.  However, they not only off-gas toxic chemicals, but they also provide a non-breathing surface, which causes overheating and moisture build-up and a less than ideal sleeping experience.

Natural Mattresses

Natural Latex / Rubber

Even natural latex mattresses, made with the sap of the rubber tree, don’t breathe as well as wool and can cause you to overheat and feel the moisture buildup.  In addition, “natural” latex can contain vulcanization chemicals, including sulfur and ammonia, which can be harmful.   The real truth is that “natural” latex mattresses cannot be made without some of these additives.  Most natural rubber is only 97% pure, and the other 3% are solvents used in the manufacturing process.  In the Dunlop process, they add sodium silico fluoride.

One natural bed retailer told me:  “All natural rubber to be made into latex has something in it.  We have 99% rubber, 98% rubber, 97% rubber and 93% rubber and we call all of those 100% natural rubber latex.”  So there you have it, 100% natural rubber latex that is not 100% pure.  Hmm, doesn’t sound 100% natural to me.  Let the buyer beware.

That said, many people feel their natural latex mattress is so comfortable, they would never give it up!  If a natural latex mattress enables you to get a good night’s sleep, it is infinitely better than sleeping on a synthetic latex or conventional “memory foam” bed, which has numerous carcinigenic chemicals.  Just try to find a latex mattress that is as natural as possible, and be aware that any mattress that is at least partially made with natural rubber can be called a “natural” latex mattress, even if 90% of the rubber used is synthetic!

Natural or Organic Cotton Mattresses

Most organic cotton mattresses use coils or latex in the middle, because the cotton compresses so much as to make the surface too hard without it.  Cotton also has a low resistance level to mildew, since it tends to absorb water, and dust mites, and this can also cause health problems and keep you from having a good nights rest over time.  If your mattress has “natural” (not certified organic) cotton, they probably did not use chemicals in the processing, but there are most certainly still pesticide, herbicide and defoliant chemical residues left over that you may be breathing in all night long.  Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops there is, in fact, it is estimated that cotton crops use 25% of all pesticides used in the US.

If you are thinking about getting a cotton bed with springs in it, you really owe it to yourself to spend a little more to make sure that it is organic.  The Royal-Pedic line is probably more comfortable than most.  Lifekind’s mattresses are probably more pure than most.

There is, however, another alternative that has helped many people to finally get a good nights rest without chemical exposure:  The Wool Mattress by Shepherd’s Dream.


…all welcome to health and industry canada !
…canada is a healthy country, in many things and in many things not !
…I AM NO SALE PERSON but all that makes sense is
…and anything with some kind of chemicals, pesticides, ripeners, preservatives or bed bug insecticides,
is really not for you ! they just have not told you so !
…so the story of the black sheep is true !  sheep are cleaner animals in what
they eat than “goats”…!

Alek Boyd: Cangrejo electoral en Venezuela

Alek Boyd: Cangrejo electoral en Venezuela

“The electoral “Crab” = “unsolved_fraud_crime” of Chavez and Venezuela !



…no thrid party or presence of the opposition audit examination of the electronic electoral system has been done ! Only the Government CNE has done audits !
…nobody has checked the database of registered electors…!

…because sometimes, the population knows what they want and whom ! and not always the current governance is what is better !

THE BIGGEST KNOWN FORCE ON THE EARTH TO DEAL WITH: The English country “peasants” and the World poor ! They could stop the World ! But no ! They have never ever really done anything for themselves ! HOW DO YOU UNITE THEM ? Jesus said somehow, they will be united with me ! 

WE HAVE more than 30million in the USA, and at least 3million to 8million in Canada ! Jesus said, and I say to make it sound similarly effective: “Come and follow me, and you will never be peasants again…!” [Was that true or false ? Then if you know the answer ans true results: you will have the brains to know what to do !]

There is a secret database of followers of pure logic and your freedom for ever ! YOU make it be in your mind ! Soon we can make it “public” ! “Then” our players will be paced were they need to be: everywhere !