…i am a new canadian dissident…!

if i were a canadian peasant i would be in nearly as bad condition as in the banana republic of venezuela i used to live in !
1,000$ no government support molar lost !
no support of government for my necessary naturist products-food and vitamins !
and listed as a “problem” and with a “mental problem” in the POLICE R.C.M.P database for life ! their panacea of degradation and destruction !
i have similar or worse neighbor and social problems, made by them and not me, as venezuela !
i apparently do not have any willful judiciary or available lawyers, similar to the venezuela of chavez !
and no real medical hospital hope of help, as venezuela !
the only difference is that i found some feminine help here, but as to my finances: Canada set me back to cero !
I THOUGHT I HAD BEEN ABUSED IN VENEZUELA AND HAD NO REAL RIGHTS ! Well nooo ! Canada degraded and took my persona rights away from me 4 times over “kindergarden stupid issues” ! , and tortured me every time, for 3 weeks ! And menaced me on house arrest and followup on torture !  THIS SOUNDS TO ME LIKE: China, Burma, or Cuba ! To not mention Russia or some other crazy country !
WELCOME IMMIGRANTS TO Canada ! They love you and you will soon find out !