…The World is going to be alright…!

…The World is going to be alright…!


I have a feeling,
that the World,
is going to be alright!

I have a feeling,
that Worlds Governments,
think that all will be right!

What makes me doubt are,
the small things,
they don’t do much about!

World hunger, poordom,
poverty of peasants degradation,
and World over population!

And Countries that have,
War conditions, and extreme
Religions that believe in Wars!

The Bible Jesus is said,
to finally War with World
Governments, with devastation!

What could this help,
believing what cannot help us,
all to be really free!

I have a feeling that the “odds”,
of this World being all right,
is beyond even “themselves”!

I have a feeling that even if,
they can think being better,
they do not know how!

I have a feeling that joy,
happiness is not in Heaven!
Lets make it here and now!

Lets all have that feeling,
of peace, and freedom,
from such illogic Governments!

Even if we have to dream it,
lets all have that feeling,
denied to us all, of peace and freedom!