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Numbers for 8:25amPST-7Nov2012

Update for 6:07pm-PST-07Nov2012-3.5Million votes over Republicans is a “smashing” loss!

Add caption: “…anybody of the “dodo’s” americanos believe these numbers ? i mean so many votes “counted”! So what you do to verify is: i saw and counted at a big voting center of Los Angeles, all the voters in line all day! Elections U.S.A. has the number of voters per voting center! AND TRA LA LA LAH…! Satan and the demons are true!
Kentuky Fried Chook and Missuiri finger likin’ good!

The “lay-out” of Democratic won “_ _ _ _ _ _’_” (countees of to-count!) is quite coincidental though not “peculiar”!

DEMO-crazy, Democracy vote counting and proof !

…’So far’!, Obama got 59,911,096[updated-59,913,832-8:25amPST-7Nov2012] votes and Romney got 57,217,553[updated-57,223,788-8:25amPST-7Nov2012] votes…!

More updates above…!

…with provisional ballots and manual voting, i do not know how you count 100million votes so quickly…! nor do i know how you verify them !

BUT LONG LIVE democracy voting! At least locally most issues do get the people’s voice heard !

…obviously there are at least 2 U.S.A’s, republicans/concervatives and democrats/liberals and the poor peasants, and the doctors that commerce on human health and lives…! nevertheless americanos are so “humanitarian”…!