…some people are "real bad sports as to astronomy", other are "superstitious" and others do not believe much about it at all…!

Aurora Borealis from Space Station – NASA

Transit of Venus before the Sun : June 2012 [ Venus seems to be really close to the Sun! ]

Big Dipper [ WestBank-West Kelowna, BC, Canada ]

SATURN – big

Aurora Borealis

…some people are “real bad sports as to astronomy”, other are “superstitious” and others do not believe much about it at all…!


… there are some people that believe Saturn is a mere mirror effect or is in any telescope “put there”…!

…those that have seen the Aurora Borealis believe it…! I have not seen the Aurora, but I have seen Saturn, and a few Moons of Jupiter…!

…be sure that anything beyond 1day in distance = 1/365light years away, is not exactly there where your eyes are seeing it…! IT WAS THERE WHATEVER DISTANCE IN TIME or A DAY AGO, A WEEK AGO, A YEAR AGO, ETC…!