…1 million Syrian refugees…! To hold power most governments are willing to do anything to not loose their slaves !

ONE million refugees of SYRIA…!
HAPPY for small mercies…! We all should be glad not to be poor refugee Syrian’s, IRANIANS, North Koreans, Iraquies, poor Chinese, or a “Venezuelan” in Venezuela, etc…!


Syria’s refugee tide passes one-million mark
By Oliver Holmes | Reuters – 12 hrs ago
TRIPOLI, Lebanon (Reuters) – A 19-year-old mother of two registered on Wednesday as the millionth refugee to flee Syria, part of an accelerating exodus that is piling pressure on neighboring host countries.

Wearing a green headscarf and holding her young daughter, Bushra smiled nervously as she waited at Lebanon’s main registration center in the northern city of Tripoli, which processes 800 Syrians a day.

“The situation is very bad for us. We can’t find work,” she said. “I live with 20 people in one room. We can’t find any other house as it is too expensive. We want to return to Syria. We wish for the crisis to be resolved.”

Syrians started trickling out of the country nearly two years ago when President Bashar al-Assad’s forces shot at pro-democracy protests inspired by Arab revolts elsewhere.

 …1 million Syrian refugees…! To hold power most governments are willing to do anything to not loose their slaves !

…again happy for small mercies in Canada!

…and happy to not be a “homeless” in the USA or Canada, nor one of their peasants [that are really refugees of Capitalism]…!

…North American standard housing, are not much better than a Refugee tent…! A bullet can go clean through quite a few of them lined up…! ESSENTIALLY ABSURD AND OBSCENE…!