…names for a new female "virgin" pope! jesus does not have a "sister"…!


And it is not a female!


When 115 voting members of the College of Cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel next Tuesday, they will be taking part in an age-old ritual. Although popes have been chosen by conclave for more than 1,000 years, it was Gregory X who decreed in 1274 the cardinals should be locked up in seclusion until they decided who should be the next Bishop of Rome. This followed an almost four-year stalemate, which ended only after enraged citizens in the city of Viterbo reduced the cardinals’ rations to bread and water and removed the roof. Today’s electors are expected to come to a speedier decision.


innocense ##, inocente {sin culpa = spanish}; [senkulpa = esperanto; 无辜 = chinese simplified; 無辜 = chinese traditional,
uskyldig = danish; niewinny = polish; 순진한 = korean ; diniwed = welsh; ngây thơ = vietnamese; невинный = russian;
masum = turkish; ผู้บริสุทธิ์ = thai; निर्दोष = hindi{hind-die}; süütu = estonian; αθώος = greek ; onschuldige = dutch;
નિર્દોષ = gujarati ; nevin = croat; i pafajshëm{pa_shem-cam-hafet!} = albanian; নির্দোষ = bengali ; unschuldig = german;
murni = indonesian; 無邪気な = japanese; ಪಾಪರಹಿತ = kanadda{Canada}; அப்பாவி = tamil


virginity ##, virgen=spanish; jomfru = danish; Jungfrau = german; virgo = latin; Jaunava = latvian;
dara = malay; bakire = turkish

immortality ## ; death ## / muerte = spanish