…perfection in mechanics, not for "mediocre scum"…! Ferrari…!

Ferrari and Enzo Ferrari

Born     Enzo Anselmo Ferrari
February 18, 1898
Modena, Italy
Died     August 14, 1988 (aged 90)
Maranello, Italy
Nationality     Italian
Occupation     Founder of Ferrari
Years active     1918–1988
Height     6 ft 1.5 in (1.87 m)[1]
Children     Alfredo Ferrari
Piero Ferrari


…perfection in mechanics, not for “mediocre scum”…! Ferrari…!

perfection or near perfect pure logic, is not for “crappy logic”, “crappy logic Religions”, “crappy logic Economy”, “crappy logic social classes”,  nor for this World as it is…! AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THIS WORLD ECONOMY AND ENERGY…!