…to the people power…! the reasonable of the un-reasonable…!

For the reason of the un reasonable #1



 Your privacy jeopardized, your copyrights, your sealed whatever closed tamper proof seals broken, top patent locks copied or surpassed with your keys or copies, your movements followed to up to 8 things to do to tamper with your locked office i.e. heat sophisticated viewing, some high level thought intrusion or reading, and you make it time consuming to get to everything, even with you being out with whatever aerial drug(s), these “weasels” can get into to your “sanctuary office”…!

 They tampered with one or two seals of proof of entry, and now they are at bay with everything with these seals. THE NEXT STEP IS TO DO A COMPLETE ONE TIME “INCURSSION” TAMPERING ALL SEALS OF GUANRANTEE of Privacy…! And fulfilling their objectives detrimental to my person…! The steps to recover such damages takes some days and further problems to me, if not worse…!

THE QUESTION(S) IS OR ARE, Can I make one completely secured safe, in which I could be the only one by memory to open not conventionally known…? Beyond or not including forceful damaging entry robbery – theft…! QUITE A PROBLEM HARD TO SOLVE…! THIS IS NOT EASY !

 SO HOW CAN I WIN AND not the “weasels”…?


Meanwhile the Theory of People Power enters into play !

 [-] Do you know what would happen if we all decided to tamper the seals of your electrical company meters…?
 [-] Do you know what would happen if we all decided to not have a telephone land line…?
 [-] Do you know what would happen if we all stopped buying gasoline…?
 Well the list goes on and on…!

 BELIEVE ME, GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GOVERN nor the Military , because if the people decided to do so, it would be us that governed…!

 SO folks our repressors [Government, Police, systemists/sistemics, etc…], and false lovers, that give us all really a bad life style, need to be taught some decency…!

 Why won’t you do something, and join the people power…? Because everybody is mostly concerned with their own hides, and are scared to join a group and exert “normal” PEOPLE POWER…! THE CONSTITUTION ALLOWS AND DECLARES A RIGHT OF A HUMAN [ thus not Animals] TO ASSOCIATE FREELY…!

The bigger amount of people in the group or this group, the lesser they can do to anyone of us…!

 Posted by  George Thomson     at  23:20