…anagrammatt – another one from Eden…!

…white nudity and fruit ripening and decay or mortality…!!!

…THE WORST TREE OFFERED by the “serpent”, that did not offer the TREE OF LIFE…!

…”CHRIST”…, and why did Eve or Adam, want or understand “mortality or immortality”…??? !!!

… A OBVIOUS COVER UP IN THE STORY OF EDEN…!!! The Book writers of Genesis did not know either if humans are or could be immortal…!!!

…YOU CANNOT OFFER THE TREE of Life, if you cannot give it, or you do not really know about immortality to live for ever…! SO YOU OFFER, the tree OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, which is what innocence is or is not as children, and later more acquired as adults …!

THE “STORY” OF BIBLE GENESIS IS SAYING SO MANY THINGS THAT MOST PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE, as most do not use or know much in Word and Paragraph language/literature logic meanings and studies…!